World Cup 2014 Before travelling to Brazil- Guia para Estrangeiros.



General Information about Brazil Word cup  June 12 / July 13 – 2014.

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Will Brazil require a visa for international visitors during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil?

Do visitors need to take any vaccinations or specific healthcare measures before entering Brazil?

Can travelers enter Brazil carrying medications?

Is travel insurance compulsory?

What currencies are accepted in Brazil?

Do different rules apply with respect to the boarding of foreign passengers?

What types of goods are prohibited from entering and exiting Brazil?

What animal/agricultural products cannot enter Brazil without prior authorization from Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA)?

What must foreigners do if they are temporarily bringing “accompanied baggage” (goods, etc.) with them into the country?

Why is it important to fill out the Travelers’ Electronic Declaration of Goods (e-DBV) correctly?

What rules apply for buying goods at Duty Free shops in Brazil?

How much in cash or travelers’ checks are travelers allowed to bring into Brazil and/or leave the country with?

What are the rights of passengers in the case of delayed or canceled flights?

What can passengers expect if an airport is closed due to adverse weather or operational conditions?

What are the rules for luggage in domestic flights?

Will 4G technology be available in Brazil during the World Cup?

How can international visitors make collect calls?

Can international visitors use Brazilian public hospitals if necessary?

Which numbers can an international visitor call in case of emergency (police, fire department, etc.)?

How can international visitors call from one state or city to another?

Where can a visitor get promotional materials (audio and video material, images) related to the event?

Are there rules or restrictions for photographing or filming images of historical monuments and public buildings in Brazil?

What is the voltage used in each host city?

What are the goods travelers cannot take out of Brazil?
For further information:

Federal Government’s

World Cup Portal 

Ministry of Sport
+55 (61) 3217-1875 / 3217-9677

[email protected]

Secretariat for Social Communication at The Presidency of Brazil +55 61 3411 4786

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